Vehicle Diagnostics in Norwich

Do you have a engine management light coming or problems with your vehicle and do not know what is wrong? Contact Delmonte Garage Services in Norwich and we will check the fault using the latest diagnostic equipment.

Why use diagnostic equipment?

Most vehicles on the road today have more electric components than several years ago and if your car or van does have a problem it is harder to identify the origin of the fault. Using diagnostic equipment allows us to identify the fault with your vehicle quicker saving you time and money.

How does it all work?

Diagnostics is the way to scan the software used within the electrical components of the vehicle and report back anything that is different to the way it should be to allow the car or van to run properly. If a fault is found during the scan it will report back with a diagnostic trouble code. With the code we are then able to address the fault and find a solution to the problem.

Why use Delmonte Garage Services?

With over 50 years experience in vehicle repairs, vehicle servicing and recovery services in Norfolk you can ensure Delmonte Garage Services can offer you a fast, reliable and trustworthy professional service. Contact us today for FREE on 01603 398 041 or via our contact us page.