Car & Van Servicing in Norfolk

Do you have a car or van that is due its annual vehicle service? Are you looking for a reliable garage in Norfolk to have your vehicle serviced? Here at Delmonte Garage we provide you with 1st class car and van servicing. Whether it is an intern, full or want your vehicle checked over for the summer or winter, we have you covered. Book your car or van service with us today on 01603 398 041.

Intern Vehicle Service

An intern service for your car or van is just a mini service to ensure everything is okay. If you do a large millage ever year (over 20,000) this is ideal for you. You would need to have your car or van serviced twice a year with high millage, but might not need 2 full services. The intern service would cover:

Oil - Change of the existing oil & filter (if needed)
Tyres - Check the tread depth and general condition
Lights - Check of all lights on the vehicle
Hoses - Ensure all hoses are not worn or need replaced
Fluids - Power steering, brakes and coolant checked and refilled

You can get an intern service on your vehicle anytime throughout the year.

Full Vehicle Service

Every car or van will need a full service either every year or every 12,000 miles (whatever one comes sooner). A full service is to check all major components to ensure it is up to motoring standards and safe for the road. Every area of the vehicle would undergo checks; these would include:

Engine Checks - Belts, hoses, oil drained & replaced, oil & air filter changed, fluids topped up.
Fuel - Fuel lines & cap checked and fuel filter changed.
Drive System - Clutch, gearbox, drive shaft & axle.
Electrics - Lights, horn, battery, starter motor, alternator & electrical leads.
Steering & Suspension - Testing for wear & tear of all components.
Exhaust - Noise, smoke, leaks.
Brakes - Pads, disks, pipes, fluid levels, handbrake.

There would also be checks on the wheel & tyres, vision, internal of the vehicle and a road test.

Winter & Summer Vehicle Checks

Cars & vans react in different ways to hot or cold temperatures. Delmonte Garage wants to ensure your vehicle is ready for the snow or sunshine. Speak to us about our Winter and Summer vehicle checks and keep you motoring hassle free.

Book Your Car or Van Service in Norfolk

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